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has been leading the pack in CDL training for more than 20 years. Our innovative training programs, talented instructors, and dedicated staff have set a standard in CDL training that no other school can match. When you love what you do, you’re always going to give it your best, and at Star Truck Driving School, we love teaching people how to drive big trucks!

Star is the only Chicagoland CDL Program with four training locations for your convenience. Train at Star and spend your time driving trucks at school, not driving to and from school.

We know there are choices in CDL training schools. With 13,000 graduates (and counting), Star has a track record of success that outshines the rest. When thinking about a career in the trucking industry, choose wisely…choose carefully…choose Star Truck Driving School: the CDL training program that “Just Makes Sense”.


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Begin Your Rewarding Trucking Career with Star Truck Driving School !

Star Truck Driving School is respected as the premier CDL Training school in the Midwest, with a national reputation for excellence and achievement. Our outstanding professional instructors and dedicated support staff are simply the best in the industry.

Twenty-two years of great CDL training. Outstanding instructors. Best passing rates. 13,000 graduates (and counting). Best-in-class job placement. It all adds up the finest CDL training experience you can find, anywhere.

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At STAR, it doesn’t make sense to us that other schools actually charge you training time and money to obtain your CDL learners permit. Our staff is dedicated to preparing you for your CDL permit tests at no charge once you enroll, before the start of your actual training. This way, you can actually “Drive from Day One” at Star! And, with small class sizes, attentive, helpful instructors and multiple school locations, you get the best training available, anywhere. It “Just Makes Sense”.

At, Star Truck Driving School we offer convenient class times, seven days a week. We recognize that busy adults are already pressed for time, so we make our schedule fit into yours. It’s called “Scheduled Flexibility”, and we think it “Just Makes Sense”. Other schools will have you and all the other students come and go without any real schedule at all. That doesn’t make sense to us here at STAR. You will know your scheduled end date on the very day you enroll with us at STAR. This way, you can begin planning the start of your new trucking career even while you are training with us. We think that’s the common sense way to run a truck driving school. After all, at STAR we are all about producing Professional Drivers, not Professional Students


Quality. Honesty. Integrity. Value. These are the hallmarks that have made Star Truck Driving School the leader in CDL training for more than 20 years.

Since 1993 we have been an accredited business through the Better Business Bureau. We have been recognized in the Chicago area as an A+ rated business for many years. And, we have attained the BBB’s highest Complaint Free Award year after year.

Our Better Business Bureau A+ rating assures you that at STAR, we work hard to make certain you receive the best quality, the best value, and the best training we can possibly provide.

GI Bill

Star Truck Driving School is Chicagoland’s #1 choice in Veterans Training.

We are approved to offer many funding sources for our vets including:
Post 911, Montgomery GI Bill, IVG and VRAP.

Star Truck Driving School is a proud supporter of the Post 9-11 GI Bill. The Post 9-11 GI Bill is a scholarship program that covers direct study-related expenses, including tuition and fees, books and living stipend, for eligible veterans. We accept any students that are veterans who are eligible for this scholarship.

For more information and details on the program offered, please contact Star’s Certifying Official: Shelly Pradzinski at 708.233.0303.