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It “Just Makes Sense”

At STAR, you won’t find games, gimmicks, “re-test fees”, come-and-go “sales” promotions, and other tricks of the trade that some schools use to get students to sign up with their programs.

What you will find at STAR is a highly respected proprietary school featuring the very best in CDL training, a twenty+ year track record of success, Honest Value Pricing, Scheduled Flexibility, and a dedicated team of professionals, all working to help you “Get the Job You Want” when you complete your training.


We know there are choices in CDL training schools. It is always a good idea to ask lots of questions about how schools run their training programs so you can make the best decision possible.  Take a look through the following information to find out how to make the best choice in a CDL training school that will be right for you:

What is the real cost of “cheap training”?

Remember the old saying, “Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing”? It means that things may not be what they seem, so it’s important to get all the facts about the price of training before you sign up with a school. At STAR, we offer Honest Value Pricing, which means that all of your training costs are disclosed up-front when you enroll. Star never charges a “re-test fee” if you happen to make a mistake during your CDL exam and need to test again. As a matter of fact, Secretary of State allows students 3 chances to pass every test, so why should you have to pay extra to re-test when you get three chances under Secretary of State regulations?

Think about it: if you attend a school that charges a “re-test” fee if you fail part of the CDL exam, the more times you fail, the more money the school makes! That doesn’t sound like a very good deal to us here at STAR. In fact, the “re-test fee” schools just don’t have any good reason to work hard to help you pass the CDL tests, because the more you fail, the more money they make! So, if you are offered a “cheap training” price that almost seems too good to be true, maybe it is. Ask questions. Find out if there are any “back-end” or “add-on” fees if you happen to fail part of the CDL exam. You may find out that “cheap training” isn’t so cheap after all. So, is it worth a little more at STAR to get Honest Value Pricing, plus the very best CDL safety training?  You bet your life it is!

Can I “Drive from Day One” at your school?

At STAR, it doesn’t make sense to us that other schools actually charge you training time and money for you to obtain your CDL learners permit. STAR is dedicated to helping you pass your CDL permit tests at no charge once you enroll, before the start of your actual training. You will have a full CDL permit in your hand on Day One when your training starts. This way, you can actually “Drive from Day One” at Star! Why waste time and money paying a school to get your CDL learners permit when you can do it on your own with a little help from STAR? And, with small class sizes, attentive, helpful instructors and multiple school locations, at STAR you get the best training available, anywhere. It “Just Makes Sense”.

What will my training schedule be like?

At Star Truck Driving School we offer convenient class times, seven days a week. We recognize that busy adults are already pressed for time, so we make our schedule fit into yours. It’s called “Scheduled Flexibility”, and we think it makes a lot of sense. You will know your scheduled end date on the very day you enroll with us at STAR. This way, you can begin planning the start of your new trucking career even while you are training with us. We think that’s the common sense way to run a truck driving school. After all, at STAR we are all about producing Professional Drivers, not Professional Students.

Other schools will have you and all the other students come and go without any real schedule at all. That doesn’t make sense to us here at STAR. Think about it – you walk into school your first day and you and 20 other students come and go as they please, day in and day out. No structured training, no scheduled classes or truck time, just people coming and going all the time. You might feel like you’ve been “thrown to the wolves” trying to get a CDL in chaos like that.

At STAR, we believe in structured, guided training with Professional Instructors, Scheduled Flexibility, and regular start dates every two to three weeks. It “Just Makes Sense”: we give you a structured, professional training program to help you gain the best skills possible. You will train with a group of fellow students who will be your teammates in the pursuit of your new career goals. You will train together, learn new skills together, and develop a camaraderie and friendship that may last long after your training has been completed. Don’t just take our word for it; please look at our testimonials page to learn more about STAR success stories from our students themselves!

Do you ever offer “sale” prices on training?

At STAR, our students benefit from great training, and “Honest Value Pricing”. Other schools have “sales” going on and off all the time, and that may be great if you can get a so-called “sale” price, but what if you bought into the training program two weeks before the “sale” started? You end up paying a lot more than the student next to you who got that cheap “sale” price. We don’t think that’s fair, and we don’t think it makes sense to charge different prices all the time. STAR’s “Honest Value Prices” are fair, competitive, and stable for extended periods of time, so everyone who enrolls at STAR gets the same great value in training.

We think it “Just Makes Sense”. At STAR we don’t resort to “sale pricing” because we don’t need to: the quality of our training speaks for itself.

Where will my training take place?

At STAR, our Hickory Hills location is a complete, stand-alone facility offering classroom instruction, yard and road training, and full office support, all at a one facility. It “Just Makes Sense”. Got a problem, question, or just need some extra help? Instructors and office support personnel are always right there at your training location to help you every step of the way through your training. Other schools may have you drive miles and miles from their offices and classroom to some remote yard location where their trucks are. Do you really want to waste time, gas, and money driving all around town to get to a far-away yard practice location, where no office staff are available to answer questions or provide help if needed? It just doesn’t make sense to us. Train at STAR and spend your time driving trucks, not driving to the trucks!

Will I be driving around In circles?

Not all truck driving schools are created equal. And not all driver training programs are created equal either. It is always a good idea to ask lots of questions. Find out exactly what kind of training you are going to receive before you sign on with any school.

Why? Well, many of the “cheap” schools out there will have you driving around and around in circles, over and over again, day after day, day in and day out. And that’s all you’ll do. That’s because many of these schools never take you anywhere for your “road training” except to drive around and around their CDL Road Test Course. And that’s what they call “road training”. That doesn’t make sense to us here at STAR, and it sure doesn’t teach you how to drive a truck. All it shows you is how to get around the CDL Road Test Course. That’s not how we do things here at STAR, and that’s not how we train our students. At STAR, you will drive a variety of different routes, in many cases up to 30 miles or more. Different driving environments, road conditions, traffic patterns: real training, real trucks, and really good instructors. Real-world training that really prepares you for your trucking career. Of course, you will spend time learning your STAR location’s CDL Road Test Course, but at STAR we teach you how to really drive a truck, not just pass a CDL test. There’s a big difference between the two. Actually, a huge difference!

So, is it worth taking a look at STAR, getting real quality training, and not just a “cheap” price? You bet your life it is!

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