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Milic Dimitrivic

“Yesterday I had a test drive with a company I was seeking employment with. They were very hesitant to give me a test drive because I was a rookie…After my extensive test drive the supervisor asked me was I really a rookie, I replied yes. He was very impressed, said he did not believe me and asked to see my license and the date it was issued. I showed it to him and he saw that I only had my license for 3 weeks. He asked me what school I went to and I told him Star. He really could not believe I was a rookie, and had I not told him he would have thought I had 2-3 years of driving experience. He said he wanted to challenge me, and I tackled everything he gave me perfectly. Had I not chosen Star, I would not be as good a driver as that supervisor said I was.”

James R. Bussen

“I was selected by the Nestle Corporation to attend your school for two week course. This was to upgrade my license to a Class A. I wish to compliment you on the manner in which your staff accomplished this daunting task in the limited time that was allotted. Your staff on several occasions went well beyond anything that we could have expected. The simple fact that all the students that were testing passed the test is a true testament to the dedication of your staff to us, even putting in hours of overtime to help the students”

Scott Jennings

“ I applied for a grant through the county and was required to visit several schools. I visited two other schools and neither of them came close to measuring up to Star…there was no doubt in my mind that I would be attending Star”

Joyce McGhee

“I came to Star expecting a level of professionalism and guidance. I had received both before I even started the program!”

Rob Ritchie

“Star Truck Driving School is widely considered the Best Commercial Drivers license training school in the Greater Chicago area. Schneider has a preferred partnership with Star Truck Driving School due to their excellent curriculum, support staff, convenient location and modern equipment. Training new CDL drivers is a difficult task that Star Truck Driving School does with expertise. All of the students I have hired from Star have had a positive experience while training with Star”

Christopher Burgard

“I realized how much information I would need to learn in order to be a successful driver. My hat goes off to all the instructors who took the time to share their knowledge with me. The training was intense, fun, and very thorough. I typically find myself with a million and one questions and none of them went unanswered. By the end of my course there was no doubt in my mind I was ready to test for my CDL. I looked at many schools before choosing Star, and I am very happy with my decision. I would recommend Star to anyone interested in learning to become a professional driver.”

Ted Korda

“ The instructors dedication and effort to take even the weakest students and turn them into big rig drivers is remarkable…even on the days you may think you can’t, trust Star and you won’t be disappointed”

Darneice Strozier

“To a group of the greatest instructors’ in the whole wide world. Thank you, thank you and once again thank you.”

Peter Steinam

“The entire staff at Star should be commended for their professional approach; they are excellent instructors that inspire students to become professional drivers! Each of them make sure you will succeed, and every student is given personalized attention”

Mary C O’Donnell

“I want to thank you and your superb staff for the training I received at your school. I have just completed 105,000 safe driving miles and I attribute this to, not only to the instruction I received: but the personal techniques used to get my attention. I appreciate your continued support, and the time you still take to mentor me when I have questions and concerns that only a true professional can answer. The same day I got my CDL I went for a job interview, that same week I was road tested and hired for the position…after being unemployed for 2 years and considered homeless by the county, talk about head spinning, WOW!”

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